How Google Translate Image PC?

People frequently use Google to do image searches since it can expand and improve their research possibilities. With the help of Google Lens Feature now Google translate image on PC. Google Lens, is one of the company’s most crucial services since it significantly improves user experience while looking up information about a picture. .

It is important to mention that Google Lens’ most updated version known as Google Images search—might very well broaden the app’s functionality. Since its initial development, the neural network has permitted users to obtain a lot of data about an image that they otherwise would not have had. The most significant advancement, however, now gives users access to a different range of translation selections for the text which is contained in the image.

This is a huge step forward that could have a big impact on bridging linguistic and cultural differences. With Google Lens, three search options are now offered beneath the side-by-side images that are provided to you on the left. The three categories are Search, Text, and Translate.

Keep in mind that this is artificial intelligence (AI) that will get better with time if you think the translations are a little inaccurate. It might evolve to the point in the upcoming years where its translations start to get much better. What more Google has planned for us will have to be seen.

How Google Translate Images PC?

For a very long time, it had been a widespread misconception that Google could not translate images on PC. However,  Google can translate images on a PC if you want to know how. Here is a detailed guide on how to accomplish it:

  • Open any image with Chrome. We’ve selected a poem in German for translation, as you can see below image. When you right-click on the image, a menu with options like “Cut” and “Copy” will appear. Click “Search image with Google Lens” to begin.
German poem image transltation steps
  • Now you see three more options: ‘Search’, ‘Text’, and ‘Translate’. Click on the ‘Translate’ option.
  • The below image shows the translated text of the actual image. You can copy the translation if you want.

How to Translate Image with Google Translate on Phone?

The below steps will guide you, how you can easily translate image with google translate on mobile phones:-

  • To Translate an image open Google Translate on your smartphone and Click “Camera” below the text box in-app.
  • You’ll be able to see via your camera. At the top, choose the languages you wish to translate your image into. To have the programme detect the language automatically, choose “Detect Language” in the source language option
  • At the bottom of the camera click “Instant”.
  • For the image, you want to translate just point the camera on your smartphone at that image. Then the app will translate the image’s text
  • If you are satisfied with the result then you can copy the translated result and use it as your need.

How Google Translates Existing Picture?

It is really easy to translate searched images but the other thing is what if you want to translate the downloaded image on your mobile phone. The below steps will help you to handle the issue and guide you through the simple steps so you can translate any downloaded image. Upload your image to Google Translate for translation if it is already saved in your phone’s gallery.

  • Open the Google Translate app on your phone to get started. In the app, select “Camera.”
  • On the camera view page’s top, choose the languages for your image translation for the source and target. To have the app detect the language, choose “Detect Language” under the source language.

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