How Google Translate Image PC?

Google Translate image on pc

People frequently use Google to do image searches since it can expand and improve their research possibilities. With the help of Google Lens Feature now Google translate image on PC. Google Lens, is one of the company’s most crucial services since it significantly improves user experience while looking up information about a picture. . It … Read more

The Best Way To Restore Archived Emails In Gmail

Gmail logo

Archived messages won’t show up in your inbox anymore, but they’ll still be kept in your Gmail account and accessible by performing a few easy instructions. When you search for messages in Gmail, these messages will still be displayed because they are indexed. Even if they are in the archive, you can still read them. … Read more

Official Update-In several nations, Google will accept various payment services for the Play Store.

Phone with play store

Google will accept various payment services but why? Google revealed today that it is bringing India, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, and the European Economic Area into the user choice billing initiative for Play Store, which enables users to select several payment methods for in-app purchases. If they are accepted into the programme, non-gaming developers from all … Read more